...on What You Want

We work with you to match the service to that specific need.

Busy professionals are in a position to lead,

but cooperation problems get in the way.

We work with you to match our service to your specific needs.

The Cooperation Company knows how to get people to work together. When you need cooperation, but things are not going well, allow us to take the situation off your ‘To-Do’ list and move it to your ‘Completed’ list. 

Because we are former government executives and professional mediators, we know your work environment and we know how to resolve conflict. 

Because we are neutral third parties, we are uniquely positioned to do this work and establish your collaboration process as credible.

Because we reduce conflict that costs time, money, and reputations, we are an efficient way to work around scepticism and mistrust.

Deal with your increasingly complex and conflicted work environment by using our services to leverage your limited time and create new successes. The Cooperation Company can help in a variety of areas, read on to find out how!


You get extra value when we facilitate meetings. Because we are also mediators, you automatically gain expertise in conflict resolution should it be needed during a meeting. Before the meeting, we spend considerable time with you defining the deliverables needed from the meeting. We continue working with you to design a facilitation approach tailored to your specific needs. We create a detailed agenda to meet those needs. During the meeting, we moderate the discussion to ensure that participation is robust and that your meeting does not get side-tracked, bogged down with trivia, or dominated by strong personalities. When the meeting is over we help you create a meeting record to firmly document outcomes. And, we typically create a meeting evaluation, so you can plan an even better meeting next time.

Conflict Management

If you have a conflict and you need the parties to agree on how to move forward, an explicit dispute resolution process can help to both reach an agreement and create respectful working relationships needed for future collaborations. Look to us for:


When you want to transfer skills to larger segments of your workforce, we provide training. Using adult learning principles, participant-centered curricula, and interactive teaching, we provide ‘how-to’ workshops on:

Persuasive PresentationsThe person whose message sounds like the most sensible path into the future will define the way. Make sure that person is you. Strong oral and written presentation skills will get you message across and make it stick.

Brief Briefings that Get Read—When there is intense competition to get people to read your material, you need to get your message down to one page or it is likely to not be read. Gain the edge with busy people who are tempted to skip over your important briefing documents. 

Facilitating Meetings—Gain skills to create shorter, more effective meetings that produce a concrete work product and build positive working relationships among the participants. Transform meetings from just talking to meetings that produce a tangible output.

Effective Online Meetings—Learn techniques for having high-engagement, online meetings that produce results. You’ll gain tools and tips for online information sharing, problem identification, situation analysis, options evaluation, and making a concrete decision, all while keeping attendees engaged and contributing.

PDQ Project Planning—Deal with today’s work environment where project teams are expected to deliver solid outcomes with tight budgets, heavy workloads, and short timelines—all with high expectations for the cooperative teamwork. This interactive, results-oriented workshop teaches practical skills for increasing effectiveness (doing the right things), increasing efficiency (doing things right), and, along the way, demonstrating leadership with the diverse stakeholders involved in a project.

Conflict Management—Learn how to diagnose the sources of conflict, how to diplomatically intervene, how to deal with anger, how to craft a successful dispute resolution process, and how to get durable, lasting agreements that build productive working relationships at the same time. This is our most popular workshop.

Managing Difficult Conversations­—Learn methods and techniques for managing conversations to coach, negotiate, and direct people to higher performance.

Keynote Speaking

When you need to motivate your staff so they rise to the challenges your organization faces we can deliver engaging, motivating, and practical presentations. Our most popular keynotes are:

Leave Your Mark—Managing Your Career to Achieve Great Outcomes (based on the book, Intelligent Courage—Natural Resource Careers that Make a Difference, by Michael Fraidenburg).

Creating Cooperation—Conflict Resolution Skills Every Professional Should Know

Staying on Message—Public Speaking When the Heat Is On

Be Memorable, Be Quotable, Be in the News—How to Handle the Media Interview

How to Write One-Page Briefings—Make Your Message Stick Even When You Have to Get It Across in a Hurry