Anita Dorczak, Mediator/Attorney

“. . . the Five Year Strategic Plan you helped the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission craft is serving us well.”

John V. O’Shea

Executive Director, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

"Mike Fraidenburg helped my office develop our first strategic plan. He crafted a process specific to our needs that brought together diverse areas of interests and specialties. His generous spirit and thoughtful approach brought out the best in my team. He made hard work enjoyable and we have a strategic plan that has helped the organization meet its most important goals.”

Faith L. Lumsden

Director of Regulatory Assistance Washington State Governor’s Office

“Thanks again for a wonderful two days. I know the consensus among everybody is that the conflict management workshop could not have been more helpful. We really loved it and got a lot out of it.”

Jared Porter

Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Mississippi State University

Linda Gallagher, Mediator

“Facilitation of a meeting where there is a wide diversity of opinion and broad range of experience represented in a group is a daunting challenge! Of course that is always complicated by one or two in the audience who think that they know all the answers and have the most incisive comments to offer. How I wish I were as sure about anything as some are about everything! You handled that all admirably. It was fun to watch you at work!”

Donald E. MacLauchlan, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Washington, DC

“Your facilitation on such short notice was beautifully executed, and I cannot thank you enough for the lessons and encouragement that you gave our group. . .”

Lowell E. Baier, President, Boone and Crockett Club

". . . things looked bleak for awhile with constant news stories about 'an impasse' in funding us. But I used some of the terrific negotiating skills I learned in a book written by some Fraidenburg guy to get to the win/win!"

Carl Burger, Senior Scientist, Smith-Root, Inc.

Jodi Stemler, Owner, Jodi Stemler Consulting

“Thank you for your assistance in facilitating our City Council's September 25th Shoreline Update Workshop… The meeting was definitely a success and you played a pivotal role in getting us there. The group of invitees was strong willed and the potential for conflict was high and you helped to ensure that the dialogue remained focused, constructive and respectful. I was particularly impressed with your ability to summarize key themes and pose questions that helped to enrich the dialogue… We've now had the chance to work together in both a large group as well as a smaller and more personal one and you were effective in both settings.”

Keith Stahley

Director Community Planning and Development Department, City of Olympia

“You guys were wonderful” “The two days were long and difficult, but rewarding - exceeding all hopes and expectations.” “Thank you for your dedication and good work, good guidance.”


From a mediation at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

". . . thanks again for teaching the two courses at AFS 2005. Personally, they were very valuable and will be helpful to me in my career.”

Bill Romberg

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

“You accomplished an incredible feat by synthesizing an intensive, in-dept training to an hour and a half. . .”

Barbara Young

Professor of Nursing, South Puget Sound Community College

“A short note about Michael E. Fraidenburg’s. . . involvement in preparingNorth Dakota’s statewide [aquatic invasive species] management plan. . . Mike did an outstanding job. . .”

Lynn R Schlueter

North Dakota Game and Fish Department

“The Indiana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society wishes to extend a "thank you" for coming to Columbia City, IN to teach your conflict resolution skills workshop. The chapter is fortunate to have had your guidance through subject matter that is often ignored, yet so relevant to each of our jobs and careers. . . Great job. . .”

Steve Donabauer , Continuing Education Chair

“I appreciate the facilitation that Mike and Joel offered. I thought the guided questions stimulated a thoughtful discussion.”

Bert (Robert) Whitlock, Community Peace and Reconciliation Project Regarding Protests at the Port of Olympia, WA

“I appreciated allowing the group freedom to go where the conversation took us. I felt the ground rules and facilitation allowed this to be a positive experience for all.”

Gary Michel, Chief, Olympia Police Department​, Community Peace and Reconciliation Project Regarding Protests at the Port of Olympia, WA

"You really knew how to set up a secure container and then how to get out of the way. Very calming presence in the room."

Joe Tougas, Community Peace and Reconciliation Project Regarding Protests at the Port of Olympia, WA

I think the personal skills and talents of Mike made the training much more enjoyable and useful. He took what would have been a ‘dry’ topic and brought into it excellent examples and discussion.” – Jed Pearson, Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife “I took the Conflict Management course thinking that it would be similar to other courses offered from different companies. However, this course goes in-depth by identifying difficult situations and teaching you a list of counter-intuitive and diplomatic techniques to relieve tension and lead to an avenue for resolution. The techniques work!!! I recommend taking this course…”

Madelyn T. Martinez, Community Peace and Reconciliation Project Regarding Protests at the Port of Olympia, WA

"I found the persuasive speaking course to be both insightful and practical, as the scenarios we built put us somewhat unprepared into the heat of important discourse, which is not unlike how it usually happens in the real world." – Steven McKagen, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Fisheries Service, Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, Northern Mariana Islands “Michael and Melinda provided the framework for successful persuasive speaking and collaborative negotiations within a natural resources context. They gave a thorough overview of materials, and provided opportunities for group discussion and role-play exercises.”

Aaron Bunch, Colorado River Research Supervisor Arizona Game and Fish Department

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. In truth, the people we work for make the difference. We appreciate the work you are doing to make our world a better place.

Michael Fraidenburg, Owner, The Cooperation Company