Effective Online Meetings

Online Meetings Are Hard


Employers are looking for leaders who can get people to work together, even if these people are dispersed far from one another.  Creating successful online meetings is a leadership skill that is climbing in importance.  But, hosting a successful online meeting is more difficult than is a face-to-face meeting.  As a skilled online meeting leader, you can help your organization strengthen team building and create productive meetings despite the distance that separates people in the online ‘meeting room’.  A good online meeting is not an accident.  It is a conscious process of design and facilitation using Internet tools.  The goal for this course is to help participants design and run online meetings that achieve more and be recognized for this leadership skill.

What This Workshop is About

We cover how to design online meetings to overcome the special challenges they present.  Using good planning skills and tying these to technology applications forms the core teaching points.  We look at how to host online meetings to share information, generate ideas, evaluate options, and decide something.  And we examine the special challenges of online meetings and how to deal with these.  Participants learn how to merge their existing meeting management skills with online technology to run effective meetings even when you cannot get people together in the same room.  This course covers how to,

Who This Course is For

Facilitators who need to add online meeting facilitation to their toolkit.  Professionals who lead meetings with participants who are offsite.  Problem solvers who need to get everyone ‘on the same page’.  Supervisors, managers, and project managers responsible for teamwork when the team can’t work at the same location.  Citizen participation practitioners who want to add online public involvement in their practice.

What is unique in this course?

This is a webinar-based course that equips you with knowledge and tools for creating and facilitating successful online meetings.  You will learn how to:  Adapt face-to-face meeting management techniques with appropriate online techniques and technology |•| Keep remote participants engaged |•| Minimize distractions and multi-tasking and other problems |•| Collect feedback from remote participants |•| Manage people when you can’t see non-verbal cues and |•| Bring the online meeting to closure to get a clear decision.

What You Can Expect in All Our Workshops

Teaching Model

We use a Tell Show Do Teach-Back Model

How We Present This Material

We come to you and present at your work site or offer remote teaching using Internet sharing tools when appropriate.  We use discussion, exercises, lecture, and mock exercises to combine our experience with your staff’s experience and create a dynamic, fun, and highly interactive training.

Transform Your Staff

Learning is not complete until there is application.  We ask participants to discuss how they can maintain the momentum in their organization after we, as trainers, leave.  We also share our ideas on how to form ‘Master Mind’ groups and other supports so participants have a community of knowledgeable peers who can help one another successfully apply the skills after the course.  We also make ourselves available after the event for short consultations for brainstorming solutions, problem solving, etc. for free.


Depending on the audience and your specific goals for the event, we will tailor the program to increase its relevance and value.  While each of our programs is designed as a specific, interactive training session, we can provide anything from a one-hour keynote presentation to the full event and we can provide greater emphasis on the topics that you think are most valuable.