Articles On Professional Excellence

Eleven Ways to Improve Executive Management of Conflict

How to manage others who are managing conflict in your organization and obtain advice from The Cooperation Company about how to intervene.

Diagnosing Conflict - Skills for the Natural Resource Professional

Learn how to diagnose conflicts over natural resources and obtain advice from The Cooperation Company about how to intervene.

How to Create a Collaborative Negotiation

Learn how to change a competitive negotiation into a collaboration.

Snow Card Facilitation

How to make brainstorming a decision-making tool; not just an idea generator.

Three Ideas for Branding Yourself as a Professional

How to be recognized as the ‘go-to’ person on your issue.

Unravel the Knot by Using Common Interests

How to get an agreement out of conflict by digging under the surface of the issues.

Charter Your Group to Success

Get your task forces, teams, advisory groups off to a good start. Create a charter that specifies how the group will do its work.

How to Resolve Things When You Are on Your Own

Quick tips for how to manage a difficult conversation toward a constructive outcome.

Crisis Management

Eleven key things you must do—in a hurry–to manage a crisis.

When to Use a Neutral Third Party Like The Cooperation Company

The Cooperation Company, by acting as a neutral third party, can accomplish things that the parties involved in the dispute cannot on their own.

Whoa! What Question Do I Ask Now?

Conflict is often resovled by asking one or more of these questions.

Using Props to Improve Your Next Speech

Improve audience attention and retention by using props to, well, prop up your message.