About Us


We help you manage conflict so it does not manage you.

Busy professionals must allocate valuable time to deal with an increasingly complex and conflicted work environment.  Our mission is to help you save time and money, improve your image, enhance your credibility, and increase support for your mission.

We believe that it takes cooperation to truly cause change in today’s complex world.  We want to support progressive ideas, institutions, leadership, and management practices to foster positive change toward cooperation.  We are grateful to the many inspiring people we have worked with that, in their own way, share that commitment and helped us as much as we helped them.

One of these people was Olympic Champion downhill skier, Andrea Mead Lawrence, who once shared with us the thought that,

“A person’s most important achievement is their next one.”

– Olympic Ski Champion Andrea Mead Lawrence

If we are lucky, we get to help you with your next achievement.

Meet Our Team

Michael Fraidenburg

Owner of The Cooperation Company

Joel Greene

Judy Stokes Weber

Marijke van Roojen

Oriana Noël Lewis