Michael Fraidenburg

Owner, The Cooperation Company

Michael Fraidenburg is a seasoned natural resource manager who worked for 30 years with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as a scientific expert, agency executive, and the Executive for the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Fraidenburg is widely experienced in conflict resolution, facilitation, agency governance, teaching, policy making, international negotiations, planning, research, and program administration. He has a successful track record in controversial, international and interstate work environments and has received state and national recognition for his work in international disputes over salmon. He has extensive experience facilitating science-intensive disagreements and, as a certified mediator, using interest-based bargaining techniques to resolve disputes over natural resources. 

Mike is a Certified Fisheries Professional (American Fisheries Society) and a Certified Mediator (Washington Mediation Association). Michael helps groups get past disagreement and impasse and, in so doing, helps organizations save time, save money, and improve their reputations.

As the owner of The Cooperation Company Mike is committed to having our organization help you manage conflict so it does not keep you from attaining your mission.

Mike is the author of three books and numerous technical articles.