Marijke van Roojen

Marijke van Roojen, LM, CPM, MPH has dedicated her professional life to two broad disciplines: Maternal Child Health with an emphasis on the social determinants of health, and community-based mediation, restorative justice, and racial literacy education.

In addition to over 30 years in private midwifery practice, Ms. van Roojen has a long-term passion for ensuring equitable access to education and resources, workforce development, and the promotion of culturally concordant and relevant social and health services. She works tirelessly to support local community engagement, dignity, and self-efficacy. She has domestic and international experience as a technical advisor to various resource-challenged localities, providing competency-based training, curriculum and faculty support, and comprehensive program evaluation.

Ms. van Roojen holds an MPH in Maternal Child Health.

Marijke van Roojen is the owner of Common Talks Consulting dedicated to helping individuals and organizations engage in bold conversations for deeper understanding and positive change. As a certified conflict resolution specialist and racial literacy educator, Ms. van Roojen serves as the white half of a cross-race consulting and training team. She is an Intercultural Development Inventory® Qualified Administrator.